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Solar Pro

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A fresh take on the Negative Cut to eliminate interference from seams. Designed with the input of top professionals and thoroughly tested to ensure this is the Elite Negative Cut on the market.

Palm - 4mm Touch Latex with 4mm backing to allow comfort on impact without losing control. AQA-EVAP Technology helps channel moisture away from the surface to give maximum grip even in the wettest conditions.

Cut - Total Neg Cut - Extra wraps allow a bigger un-compromised contact area when catching. New stitching patterns increases comfort at the tips of the fingers.

Body - For the first time ever PEAK brings full body sublimation to our J-Guard mesh to combine design with performance to give the hand the most comfortable of fits. Heat control paired with breathability make our J-Guard gloves the perfect choice in all weather conditions.

Wrist & Strap - 9cm full elastic infused wristband with double wrap elasticated strap for additional wrist support.

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